Inter-Quake Model (IQM) Format

The Inter-Quake Model (IQM) format is a binary skeletal-animation format designed for extensibility, efficiency, and ease of loading. It is intended to serve as a replacement for the aging MD5 and SMD skeletal-animation formats used in Quake-derived and Quake-like 3D engines. It has a companion export-only format, Inter-Quake Export (IQE), which is an extremely easy to export ASCII format that compiles to IQM, while supporting all IQM features, and is inspired by the OBJ format.

IQM Features:

IQE Features:

The IQM development kit can be downloaded here (iqm-2021-06-13.tar.gz, 2839KB). It includes:

The last release of the IQM development kit supporting version 1 of the format can be downloaded here (iqm-2011-05-24.tar.gz, 2270KB). However, it is recommended that all users move to newer version 2 development kits to avoid quality issues with the animation encoding resolved in version 2.

The latest IQM development kit source code can also be retrieved on github.

Games/3D engines that support IQM:

Other tools for working with IQM:



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